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Why Early Cancer Detection Is Important

Early Cancer detection and treatment can help patients continue to live a fulfilling life

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In the fight against cancer, early detection is critical. And now, researchers are discovering even more ways that early detection can save your life and keep it on track.

Cancer is not always noticeable and does not always present symptoms immediately. However, early detection can mean the difference between cancer that the proper treatment can cure and one that’s already progressed too far to be treated successfully.

Here are three benefits of early detection include:

1. Early detection helps you get the right treatment at the right time.

There are several genetic and lifestyle factors that may contribute to higher cancer risk, but the reality is that it’s difficult to pinpoint who gets cancer. Consider these statistics: from 2015-2019, 78,204 cancer cases were reported in Singapore, and 49% and 51% were reported in males and females, respectively. The top two most reported cancers are colorectal and prostate cancer for men. For females, it is breast and colorectal cases. Therefore, early detection by going for health checks will help you get the proper treatment. When detected early, treatment can be more effective, and you may have the chance to live longer.

The earlier you get diagnosed and treated, the better your chances of successful treatment. Some early cancers may have signs and symptoms that you can notice, but that is not always the case. Regular check-ups are key when it comes to the early detection of cancer. Your doctor will conduct a physical exam and ask questions about your health history so they can identify any potential problems early on.

For example, you can detect prostate cancer early with annual PSA blood tests and diagnostic imaging. For women, annual mammograms from 40 years of age until they reach 50 can help detect aggressive breast cancer. You can still live a full life with the right treatment if cancer is caught early.

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2. Early detection can help prevent complications from treatment.

Understanding how the body reacts to cancer and how it affects your health is essential.

Early cancer treatment allows for the quick and effective elimination of cancerous cells before they spread, which can significantly reduce complications from treatment. Cancer cells grow and spread quickly, leading to treatment complications. These complications can include pain, infection, bleeding and organ damage. Catching cancer early often allows for more treatment options.

While early detection does not guarantee a cure, it does help prevent complications that may arise due to late-stage cancer. For example, if you’re diagnosed with breast cancer when it’s in its earliest stages, your doctor may be able to perform a lumpectomy instead of having to remove your entire breast. This will reduce the risk that you’ll experience nerve damage or other side effects like lymphedema, which can occur when large amounts of tissue are removed at once. According to the World Health Organisation, 30-50% of cancers can be treated if cancer screening is done early. When cancer care is delayed or unavailable, there is a lower chance of survival. Furthermore, treatment and care will also become more expensive.

Early detection can help prevent complications from treatment by allowing doctors to monitor a patient’s health more closely over time. This means fewer doctor visits and fewer complications for patients diagnosed with cancer but have not yet undergone treatment.

3. Early detection helps you get back to living your life as soon as possible!

Early cancer detection helps you get back to living your life as soon as possible. It can save your life.

If you notice any signs or symptoms of cancer, you must see your doctor immediately. If the disease is found early, many treatment options can make it easier to live with and more likely that you’ll survive. Early detection can also help prevent the spread of cancer. If a tumour is not found until it has grown large enough to be felt through an examination, it may have already spread beyond its original location.

With fewer side effects from treatment, doctors can treat cancer before it has spread throughout your body. And if you end up having surgery or chemotherapy, it’ll be easier on your body because doctors will have caught it earlier. Lastly, early detection also means less stress, which is good for mental and physical health.  It also means you can continue working, which will alleviate your treatment costs.

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Cancer screening and treatment options with cancer insurance

The best way to insure yourself against unexpected expenses in the unfortunate event of cancer is to purchase critical illness plans or cancer insurance. Today there are many types of cancer coverage plans in the market.

There are cancer plans that covers for cancer survivors, as well as paying multiple times for cancer.

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Such insurance plans not only provide a payout for early cancer treatment but may also cover late-stage diagnosis. They might also cover any salary loss, lifestyle expenses or even mortgage loans that the insured has to bear since they cannot work.

Some insurers also provide benefits such as free health screenings or mammograms for insured persons to take care of their health by attending regular medical screenings.

Contact our financial advisers if you need advice on cancer insurance or critical illness plans today.

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