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Tokio Marine’s #go2gether: Enhanced Protection Campaign FREE Coverage

Tokio Marine’s #go2gether: Enhanced Protection Campaign FREE Coverage

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In a response to this turbulent time of virus outbreak, Tokio Marine is giving additional Free Coverage on life protection, extending to even early to advance stages of critical illnesses.

Tokio Marine’s #go2gether Enhanced Protection Campaign is an initiative set out by the insurer to give out additional free coverage upon new purchase of their term insurance, the TM Term Assure II. Read on for the campaign qualifying criteria as well as the qualifying period.

Qualifying Plan FREE Cover Duration of FREE Cover
TM Term Assure II* Up to 50% Additional FREE cover (including TPD) 24 Months
TM Term Assure II* WITH

CI Accelerator Rider and/or Early CI Accelerator Rider**

Up to 50% Additional FREE cover  AND Up to 50% FREE cover on CI and/or Up to 100% FREE cover on Early CI 24 Months

*Criteria for TM Term Assure (II)

  • New policy with minimum sum assured of $600, 000 and above
  • Minimum coverage term of 10 years and above

**Early Critical Illness Accelerator Rider

  • Minimum sum assured of $50, 000 and above


1. When is this campaign until?

Tokio Marine’s #go2gether Enhanced Protection Campaign is from 1st of April 2020 to 30th June 2020. Both dates are inclusive and the policy have to be issued on or before 30th August 2020.

2. Can I attach both CI Accelerator Rider and Early CI Accelerator Rider and enjoy Free Cover on both CI and Early CI?

Yes. The Free Cover on Early CI will be awarded before the Free Cover on CI. This is provided that the total Free Cover on CI and Early CI does not exceed the amount of Free Cover on basic plan.

Sum Assured Free Cover
TM Term Assure (II) $600, 000 $300, 000
Early CI Accelerator Rider $200, 000 $200, 000
CI Accelerator Rider* $400, 000 $100, 000

Basically, the difference on Free Cover on CI is between the Free Cover on basic plan and the Free Cover on Early CI.

3. What else does the Free Cover include?

Aside from the Critical Illness (CI) and Early CI coverage, the Free Cover includes Total Permanent Disability (TPD) coverage as well, provided the rider is attached to the main Eligible Policy.

4. Can I add other riders to the main Term plan?

Yes!, you can attach other riders available to the main term plan as well! They include:

  • The unique and popular Protect 1 Lite Rider
  • Waiver of Premium Rider
  • Early CI Premium Waiver
  • KidAssure GIO Rider and payor rider

However, only the Total Permanent Disability (TPD), CI Accelerator and/or Early CI Accelerator Rider are entitled to the extended Free Cover.

5. Are there any differences in entry age limit?

Nope, it is the same as the usual TM Term Assure II, which is age 1 to 70 next birthday.

6. Can I get it for my children, spouse or parents (Third Party Application)?

Yes you may!

7. Who is this campaign available to?

This campaign is available to:

  • Singapore Citizens
  • Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Foreigners with valid passes:
    • Employment Pass
    • Personalized Employment Pass / S Pass
    • Work Permit (Occupational class 1 & 2)
    • Long Term Visit Pass / Dependent’s Pass or Student Pass
    • Not applicable for those that have been excluded due to regulatory reasons

8. Is there a coverage limit for this campaign?

Yes, the Free Cover is subjected to a maximum limit of S$2,000,000 per life assured.

9. Sounds good! Can I enjoy the Free Cover if I have existing mild health conditions?

While the insurer may accept on a case by case basis, this campaign is available only for standard lives. This means that if the plan is issued with a non-standard issuance, like premium loading, exclusions or any other additional terms or conditions, they will not be available.

10. Can I continue the coverage under the Free Cover after it has expired (24 months)?

Yes you may. Coverage under the Free Cover can be extended via the exercise of Guaranteed Insurability Option. This means that you can extend it via purchasing it as a new policy upon the Free Cover’s expiration without further medical underwriting required.

11. Does is mean I need to pay premium to extend the coverage under Free Cover?

Yes, as this is considered a purchase of a new insurance policy, the premium for the new insurance policy will be based on the prevailing premium rate at the attained age of the Life Assured.

12. Am I qualified for this campaign? How can I find out more about this campaign?

Drop us an email to or simply fill in the contact form below and our friendly licensed FA advisor will get in touch with you. Please be assured there are no hidden fees and advice are of no charges.


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