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Tokio Marine TM Protect Cancer Review

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TM Protect Cancer Overview

Cancer continues to be one of the main ‘killers’ in Singapore. Having a proper and comprehensive financial planning not only can safeguard yourself in these situations, but also to look out for the dependants around you as well.

There are quite a few of the Cancer-only plans in Singapore, and one of it is Tokio Marine.

Tokio Marine’s plan is called TM Protect Cancer. It is a non-participating Cancer-only plan that protect against the events of early and advanced stage cancer.

Let’s look at the benefits.

Features At a Glance for TM Protect Cancer

Early Stage Cancer Benefit

In the event of early stage Cancer diagnosis, 50% of the sum assured will be paid out. The flexible part of this benefit is that the plan does not end once the payout happens. The sum assured will be reduced by the amount paid, and the protection continues. Subsequent premiums paid after this will be adjusted as well.

Advanced Stage Cancer Benefit

In the event of Advanced stage Cancer diagnosis, 100% of the sum assured will be paid out. This plan will end once the full sum assured amount has been paid out.

Death Benefit

In the event of death, a fixed sum of $5,000 will be paid out and the plan will end as well.

Guaranteed Renewal

This plan offers guaranteed renewability. The coverage will continue, despite any future changes to the policyholder’s health condition.

Simplified Application

The application for this plan only requires you to answer 7 simple questions.

Annual Premium Rate

The premiums for this plan varies from several factors such as age, gender and smoking status. The below annual premium rate table allows you to have an understanding on the premiums per $1000 sum assured.

Age Next Birthday

Male Non-Smoker Male Smoker Female Non-Smoker Female Smoker

30 – 34

1.56 2.13 2.58 3.9

35 – 39

1.92 2.85 3.59


40 – 44 2.63 4.24 5.15


45 – 49 3.70 6.39 6.85


50 – 54 5.99 10.86 8.16


55 – 58

8.94 16.52 9.38 17.64
59 – 61 11.94 22.31 10.00


62 – 64 16.12 30.37 11.11


65 – 67

21.85 41.50 12.77 24.50

68 – 70

27.62 52.75 14.52


71 – 73

34.18 65.74 16.65 32.29
74 – 76



19.83 37.89
77 – 79 47.82 87.11 23.33


80 – 82 53.35 91.02 27.02


83 – 85 54.41 91.02 27.60


Source: Tokio Marine

For example:

30 year old male, non-smoker, is looking to get coverage of $100,000 sum assured :

$100,000 / $1000 = 100

100 x  1.56 (according to the premium rate table) = $156

(premium to be paid for the $100,000 sum assured)

TM Protect Cancer Suitable if You:

  • Prefer comprehensive cancer coverage
  • Prefer the flexibility of being able to keep the coverage even after early stage cancer diagnosed and paid out
  • Prefers simple and easy application 

 It would however be less suitable if you would like:

Conclusion for TM Protect Cancer

There are many plans in the market that is catered to different needs and concerns. With the help of our partners of licensed financial planners, we can draft you a proposal based on your given information.

If you do not have a protection policy yet, or if you are unsure of what you should/should not have, this is a great time to check out the different insurance providers and see what they are offering.Get in contact with us right now to have a quick assessment.

Drop us an inquiry below and our friendly professional licensed FA advisor will be getting in touch with you shortly!


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