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NTUC Gro Annuity II Plan Review

NTUC Gro Annuity II Plan Review

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Replacing Gro Annuity is the new Gro Annuity II from NTUC Income. This is a single premium immediate annuity plan that provides for a regular lifetime income. It also has death protection. The plan is straight forward and has no rider.

Features At A Glance

Annuity Benefit

The plan will pay regularly over the lifetime upon annuity starts. Have the option to choose the frequency for the payouts.

Death Benefit

There is a death benefit amount consisting of the single premium less off total payouts of annuity upon the death of life assured. The single premium needs to be more than the total annuity that had been paid out.

Any outstanding of interests or policy loans will be deducted before paying out. The plan will be terminated after paying this death benefit.

Premium Comparison

Policy Term 35 Years 35 Years
Annual Annuity $113.65 $568.15
Annual Premium $10,000.00 $50,000.00


source: NTUC Income Diagram is not drawn to scale. The figures used are for illustrative purposes only.

The non-guaranteed figures above are based on the assumption that the Life Participating Fund earns a long-term average return of 4.25% per annum.

Should the long-term average return be 3.00% per annum, the total illustrated monthly annuity payout at age 95 would be $427.154. The total illustrated monthly annuity payout at age 65 would be $110.754.

Gro Annuity II is Suitable if You:

  • Would like a Single Premium option
  • Prefer regular stream of lifelong income

It would however be less suitable if you would like:

  • High Payout that covers Death, TPD, Terminal Illness, Critical Illness of all stages including Early to intermediate to advance stage for a low premium.
  • Multiple Payout for CI across all stages including Early to intermediate to advance stage for a low premium.
  • High returns of more than 10%
  • Immediate Break Even on Capital

Conclusion For NTUC Gro Annuity II

Single Premium Retirement planning using Cash & SRS is a helpful way of accumulating and growing your wealth. Are you considering Single Premium retirement planning with an annuity? Let us do the homework and help you compare across the different retirement plans in the market to save you time. Drop us an inquiry below and our professional experienced licensed FA advisor will get in touch with you shortly upon your request.

No obligations. No hidden fees and costs. Just professional advice.

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