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Manulife Ready LifeIncome
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Manulife Ready LifeIncome is a Lifetime Income endowment that is flexible in terms of premium options as well as yearly payout options. Coupled with that, a feature that makes Manulife’s Ready LifeIncome stand out is the Secondary Life Insured feature, which allows the primary life insured to leave the payout from the plan to the secondary life insured, continuing the legacy.

We also did a comparison with Aviva MyLifeIncome II & NTUC Income Gro Prime Saver on Best Regular Premium Lifetime Income Plan.

Features At a Glance

Yearly Income

Receive both guaranteed and non-guaranteed payouts at the chosen income payout year up to age 120. Guaranteed of 0.95% of sum assured and non-guaranteed payout is at 2.05% based on the projected rate yield rate of 4.75%. Non-guaranteed of 0.90% of sum assured is based on projected rate of 3.25%.

Flexible Yearly Payout Options

Choose payout year from end of 5th year or end of 10th year (applicable for 10 years premium term policies).

Flexible Premium Options

Choose premium term of 5 or 10 years. There is also a premium freeze option for pausing of premium payment for 1 year.

Guaranteed Issuance Option (GIO)

Application is hassle free & simple, and acceptance is guaranteed regardless of your health condition. No medical questionnaires nor health check-up required.

Protection From TPD

Be covered against Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) before the age of 70. Enjoy waiver of future premiums upon TPD before age 70 during premium term.

Secondary Life Insured Option

Choice to appoint a Secondary Life Insured to continue the endowment payout upon primary life insured’s death. This option can appoint/change up to 3 times during the policy’s term.

Protection Cover 

Upon Death and Terminal Illness

How It Works

how Manulife Ready LifeIncome works

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Conclusion For Manulife Ready LifeIncome

Single Premium Retirement planning using Cash & SRS is a helpful way of accumulating and growing your wealth. It is also making full use of the SRS feature and to further prepare your retirement even more. The SRS is a great concept and SRS-abled Retirement Plans complement it even further.

Are you considering Single Premium retirement planning with your Cash/SRS? Let us do the homework and help you compare across the different retirement plans in the market to save you time. Drop us an inquiry below and our professional experienced licensed FA advisor will get in touch with you shortly upon your request.

No obligations. No hidden fees and costs. Just professional advice.

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