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HSBC Life Wealth Harvest Investment-Linked Policy Review

AXA Wealth Harvest Investment-Linked Policy

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The HSBC Life (previously AXA) Wealth Harvest is a regular premium ILP (Investment-Linked Policy) that invests 100% of your regular premium. To help boost your investments and cushion the external charges, there are annual Start-up Bonus and Loyalty Bonuses of 0.15% from the 10th year (on account value) to the end of the policy.

Enhance your investment with a whopping 35% start-up bonus on your premium for the first year. This is unique to HSBC Life’s Wealth Harvest. The 35% start-up bonus definitely boosts your investment units, giving you a good head start for your investment journey.

Features At a Glance for HSBC Life Wealth Harvest

35% Start Up Bonus

Receive Start-up Bonus of 35% for your first year of investment premium, as well as loyalty bonus of 0.15% per year (of the account value) from the 10th year onwards to the end of the policy. This helps to cushion the charges as well as amplifying your investments with the funds you choose.

No Account Maintenance Fee (After 11 years)

After the 11th year of the policy, there will be no account maintenance fee. Your investments will be enhanced more with the costs reduced.

The breakeven table below shows the yield that you can gain on the respective policy year, taking into consideration the charges after 11 years. Anything above the breakeven yield will be your annual rate of returns yield from the AXA Wealth Harvest.

Policy Year 11 15 20 25 30
Breakeven Yield 2.99% 1.56% 0.81% 0.46% 0.28%

Life Replacement Option

The Life Replacement Option gives you the choice to replace the Life Insured between your spouse or child, to transfer and prolong your wealth even longer, very effective for legacy planning.

This coverage protects your investments aside from the investment that you are putting in, so that you have the assurance of capital guaranteed in the event of Death and Terminal Illness.

The protection element is especially useful because in the event if death or terminal illness occurs/ were to be diagnosed when the market is down, your capital will be protected and paid out to family members.

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Access to Best Diversified Investment Funds

For higher returns, range and versatility, choose from a wide range of funds across different regions, industries, sectors, type of securities (equities, bonds) as well as Accredited Investor Funds.

Huge range of funds also includes equities and dividend paying funds, which allows you to create yet another stream of income.

Most importantly, 100% of your premiums go into investing.

For a comprehensive list of funds, have a look here at the Fund List.

Guaranteed Issuance Option

Plan is guaranteed to be issued with no medical check-up/ underwriting, 100% hassle free application. 


AXA Wealth Harvest Investment-Linked Policy

AXA Wealth Harvest Investment-Linked Policy
source: AXA
AXA Wealth Harvest Investment-Linked Policy
source: HSBC Life

Why We Like The HSBC Life Wealth Harvest

  • Life Replacement Option: Transfer policy to child or spouse
  • Wide Range of Entry Age
    • Entry Age (age next birthday) Life Assured: 1 month old – up to age 70
    • Policy Owner (Assured): Age 18 – 99
    • Premiums are able to start from $300/month
    • Start up bonus of 35% on the 1st Year
    • No more charges after 11 years and Flexible To withdraw
    • Low Breakeven Yield for Plans 15 years and more
    • Loyalty Bonus 0.15% per annum after Account Maintenance Fee (AMF)
    • Charges of 3.5% per annum for first 11 years on Total Asset Under Management (AUM)

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The HSBC Life Wealth Harvest is Suitable If You Want:

  • Access to a range of strong retail funds as well as accredited investors funds
  • High flexibility of premium choices and top ups to your Investment-Linked Policy
  • High flexibility of cash withdrawal
  • Potential returns that are higher than participating endowment policies.
  • Wide range of choices for currency to invest
  • High Start-up bonus to complement your investment journey
  • Strong Investment tool for legacy planning
  • Guaranteed Issuance plan without the need for medical check-up and underwriting

It would however be less suitable if you would like:

  • Returns that are guaranteed
  • High protection coverage for Health, Death, TPD and Critical Illness from Early, Intermediate to Advanced stage
  • Single Premium Investment
  • Guaranteed returns to withdraw in the event of a downward market

Conclusion For The HSBC Life Wealth Harvest

The AXA Wealth Accelerate is a competitive Investment-Linked Policy (ILP) in the market with strong retail and Accredited Investor funds. The AXA Wealth Accelerate invests 100% of your premium into the funds from day 1, unlike traditional ILPs which tend to invest 100% only after the 5th policy year (as well as having sub-funds managed by the insurers themselves). This main difference in fund management for traditional ILPs results in much longer break-even period (15 to 20 years at least).

Should you be considering in investing in Investment-Linked Policies, let us do the homework and help you compare across the different retirement plans in the market to save you time. Drop us an inquiry below and our professional experienced licensed FA advisor will get in touch with you shortly upon your request.

Our financial consultants will use your input and preferences to draft proposals according to your needs to get you the best investment plan. Your information provided will only be used for communication.

Fill in the form below and our friendly licensed FA advisor will get in touch with you. Based on your needs, a custom made solution will be adjusted only addressing your concerns.

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