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Etiqa Invest Smart Flex Review – A Guide to Smart Financial Planning

Etiqa Invest Smart Flex Review - A Guide to Smart Financial Planning

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Empowering Your Investments with Invest Smart Flex

Invest Smart Flex elevates your investment strategy, offering a regular premium investment-linked plan that empowers you with the flexibility to chase your investment dreams.

Beginning at a modest S$200 monthly, this plan not only permits portfolio diversification through investments in esteemed funds but also opens doors to opportunities for potentially amplified returns.

Tailoring your investment journey, Invest Smart Flex stands out as a bespoke Investment-Linked Plan, crafted to align with your unique requirements. It facilitates strategic financial planning for both medium and long-term horizons. The plan offers the flexibility to select from premium durations of 10, 15, or 20 years, enabling you to tailor it to suit your individual financial aspirations and life plans.

Etiqa Invest Smart Flex Features At a Glance

Duration of Policy

Valid until age 100

Choice of Premium Payment Term

Options of 10, 15, or 20 years

Enhanced Investment through Multiple Bonuses

  • Initial Year Start-up Bonus: Boost your initial investment with a start-up bonus1, reaching up to 80% of the regular premium paid in the first year.
  • Special Bonus for Continued Commitment: Benefit from a special bonus amounting to 5% of the regular premium, starting as early as the 6th year of the policy (applicable exclusively to policies with a 10-year premium term), continuing until the end of the premium payment period.
  • Loyalty Bonus: From the anniversary following the conclusion of your premium payment term, enjoy a loyalty bonus of 0.2% per annum, calculated based on the account value.

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Access to Elite Investment Opportunities

With a starting commitment of only S$200 monthly (reflecting the minimum premium for a 20-year payment term), you gain entry into a realm of exclusive portfolio funds and institutional funds. These are meticulously managed by renowned regional and global asset management firms, offering a broad spectrum of investment choices.

Simplified Enrollment Process

Invest Smart Flex assures a streamlined application with its guaranteed issuance policy. This plan requires no health examinations, making the process straightforward and user-friendly.

Adaptable to Your Changing Financial Landscape

Flexibility in Fund Access

Benefit from two complimentary partial withdrawals during your premium payment term, starting from the 4th policy year, coupled with minimal charges for partial withdrawals from the 6th year.

Etiqa Premium Free period

Financial Maneuverability

Options are available for top-ups, decreasing the regular premium amount1 after three years of paid premiums, or opting for a premium-free period starting from the 6th policy year, based on your financial needs.

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Life Insured Changeability

The option to alter the life insured1 is available anytime from the 3rd policy year.

Fund Switching Freedom

Enjoy the liberty to switch funds at any moment without incurring charges, allowing for dynamic investment strategy adjustments.

Advantageous Low Breakeven Yield

Experience the benefit of a remarkably low breakeven yield, under 1% per annum, for a policy term of 10 years. This feature, coupled with access to exclusive funds designed for Accredited Investors, offers a unique advantage, facilitating efficient and effective wealth growth over a decade.

Basic Coverage Assurance

Invest Smart Flex ensures coverage against total and permanent disability (up until age 65) and in the event of death. The payout is the greater of either 105% of net premiums (net premium being the total premium paid plus total top-ups minus any partial withdrawals) or the account value, after deducting any outstanding amounts.

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Enhancement Options with Optional Riders (Subject to Underwriting)

Extra Secure Waiver II: This rider allows the continuation of the policy without the need for further premium payments if the life insured is diagnosed with any of the 37 specified severe-stage critical illnesses.

Extra Payer Waiver II: This rider offers the flexibility to continue the policy without paying premiums in the event of the policyholder’s death, total and permanent disability, or if they are diagnosed with any of the 37 covered severe-stage critical illnesses (applicable before reaching age 86).

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List of Available Funds

  • Alliance Bernstein American Income Portfolio Fund
  • Abrdn All China Sustainable Equity Fund
  • Abrdn Global Dynamic Dividend Fund
  • Allianz Income and Growth Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Worldwide Asia ex Japan Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Worldwide Health Innovation Fund
  • Baillie Gifford Worldwide Long Term Global Growth Fund
  • BlackRock Global Funds (“BGF”) ESG Global Bond Income Fund
  • BlackRock Global Funds (“BGF”) European Equity Income Fund
  • BlackRock Global Funds (“BGF”) ESG Multi-Asset Fund
  • BlackRock Global Funds (“BGF”) World Technology Fund
  • Capital Group American Balanced Fund
  • Eastspring Japan Dynamic Fund
  • First Sentier Bridge Fund
  • FSSA Dividend Advantage Fund
  • FSSA Regional China Fund
  • Fullerton Asia Absolute Alpha Fund
  • Fullerton SGD Income Fund
  • Fundsmith Equity Fund
  • LionGlobal Infinity Global Stock Index Fund
  • LionGlobal Singapore Dividend Equity Fund
  • LionGlobal Singapore Trust Fund
  • Maybank Asian Equity Fund
  • Maybank Asian Growth and Income Fund
  • Maybank Asian Growth and Income-I
  • Maybank Asian Growth and Income (DIST)
  • Maybank Asian Growth and Income-I (DIST)
  • Maybank Asian Income Fund
  • MAMG Global Sukuk Income-I
  • Nikko AM ARK Disruptive Innovation Fund
  • PIMCO Income Fund
  • PineBridge International Funds – Singapore Bond Fund
  • United Global Healthcare Fund
  • United SGD Money Market Fund
  • United Singapore Bond Fund

Source: Etiqa Life

List of Portfolio Funds and ILP Sub-Funds

Portfolios – Personalized Investment Strategies

Recognizing the uniqueness of each investor’s approach, Etiqa Life align your investment plan to fit your individual risk profile and financial objectives. This is achieved by carefully selecting from an array of Portfolio funds and a diverse mix of Investment-Linked Policy (ILP) sub-funds, ensuring a tailored investment experience that resonates with your specific needs and aspirations.

4 Main Approaches

Conservative Investment Approach

Risk Level: Low

Ideal for Investors who are:

  1. Cautious with Risk: Suitable for individuals who prefer minimal risk-taking in their investment strategy.
  2. Seeking Steady Returns: Well-suited for those aiming for consistent and stable financial gains.
  3. Low Volatility Tolerance: Perfect for investors with a preference for investments that maintain low fluctuation levels and offer stability.

ILP Sub-Funds Allocations

  • Global Short Fixed Income Fund 30%
  • Global Investment Grade Credit Fund 5%
  • Asian Tiger Bond Fund 45%
  • Infinity Global Stock Index Fund 20%
Conservative pie chart
Source: Etiqa Life

Moderate Investment Profile

Risk Level: Medium

Well-Suited for Investors who are:

  1. Comfortable with Moderate Risk: Ideal for those who are willing to take on a medium level of risk in their investment journey.
  2. Aiming for Moderate Returns: This approach caters to individuals seeking reasonable returns, balancing risk and reward effectively.
  3. Accepting of Some Market Fluctuations: Suitable for investors who are tolerant of occasional unpredictability and variations in their investment performance.

ILP Sub-Funds Allocations

  • Global Short Fixed Income Fund 21.4%
  • Global Investment Grade Credit Fund 5%
  • Asian Tiger Bond Fund 8.6%
  • Emerging Markets Bond Fund 5%
  • Infinity Global Stock Index Fund 60%
Moderate pie chart
Source: Etiqa Life

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Growth Investment Orientation

Risk Level: High

Optimal for Investors who are:

  1. High Risk Takers: Tailored for those who are comfortable with embracing significant risks in their investment endeavors.
  2. Seeking Capital Growth: Especially suited for individuals whose primary goal is substantial capital appreciation over time.
  3. Able to Handle Sharp Fluctuations: Ideal for investors who have the resilience to withstand stark and sudden variations in their investment values.

ILP Sub-Funds Allocations

  • Global Short Fixed Income Fund 2.5%
  • Global Investment Grade Credit Fund 2.5%
  • Asian Tiger Bond Fund 11.9%
  • Emerging Markets Bond Fund 3.1%
  • Infinity Global Stock Index Fund 80%
Growth pie chart
Source: Etiqa Life

Aggressive Investment Strategy

Risk Level: High

Best Matched for Investors who are:

  1. Higher Risk Takers: Specifically designed for those who are not just comfortable but proactive in taking on elevated levels of risk.
  2. Pursuing Maximum Long-Term Growth: Particularly apt for individuals focused on achieving the highest level of capital growth over an extended period.
  3. Highly Tolerant of Fluctuations: Well-suited for investors who are unphased by significant and rapid changes in their investment values, demonstrating a robust tolerance for market volatility.

ILP Sub-Funds Allocations

Infinity Global Stock Index Fund 100%

Aggressive pie chart
Source: Etiqa Life




How Etiqa Invest Smart Flex Works

Source: Etiqa Life

Realizing Your Financial Ambitions with Etiqa Invest Smart Flex

Etiqa Invest Smart Flex is crafted to bring your wealth growth objectives within your grasp. This investment-linked plan stands out with its adaptable premium payment options, the allure of multiple bonus units, access to esteemed investment funds, and a safety net against unexpected life events. Tailored to cater to your distinct financial requirements, it offers a comprehensive approach to managing your investments.

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Investment Disclaimer: This information is not intended as investment or financial advice. Remember, past performance is not indicative of future returns, and the risk profile of the funds might not align with your financial situation. It’s crucial to seek professional financial advice before making any investment decisions. Investors should be aware that there is a possibility of losing all invested capital. For comprehensive details, please refer to the policy contract and consult with our affiliated professionals.

Get Professional Advice at Your Fingertips

Our MAS-Licensed Partner is ready to offer unbiased advice and assist in comparing insurance quotes from various providers.

If you’re ready to take the next step towards financial security and growth, our team of skilled financial advisors is here to guide you. With personalized advice tailored to your unique needs and goals, we’ll help you unlock the full potential of Etiqa Invest Smart Flex.

Reach out today for a no-obligation consultation and start shaping a more prosperous tomorrow.

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