Get $1, 000, 000 Death & Permanent Disability from just $2/ day*

Be Protected For $300, 000 Early Stage CI from $4/ day!

* Get 40% Discount For LIFE​

* premium is based on age 30 male non smoker

Singaporeans may be living longer but are living in poor health. While there is a higher chance of survival with the advancement in medication and medical technology, being financially prepared and protected is still the most important.

singaporeans living longer but spending more time in ill health

Is your current coverage enough to:

Cover remaining outstanding Mortgage Loan after you passed on?

Replace the loss of income of a Sole Breadwinner?

Protect and replace your income to cover for Monthly bills & Expenses?

Pay for Children's Education after you passed on?

Protect your spouse's Income and not owing outstanding loans?

Have a peace of mind with a high protection of $1, 000, 000 coverage from just $2/ day.

Or $300, 000 Early CI coverage from  $4/ day?

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We compare over 15 Life insurers to get you the best term life insurance plan best suited to your budget & concerns

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  • Don’t want the hassle of going through loads of comparison & insurance jargons to find the best Term plans according to your concerns and budget?
  • Are not sure which term life insurance suits you the best?
  • Need a Professional to show you a wide range of the most competitive insurance plans?

Benefits at a Glance

Low Premiums, High Protection

High coverage of $1 million or even $2 million at a low cost. Suitable for all ages. Even for retirees that wants to get covered.

Mortgage Insurance

Low premium to make sure you have sufficient coverage for mortgage insurance so as to protect your home for your loved ones.

Flexible Period Coverage

Flexibility of Coverage term of 5, 10 (renewable), 11 to 30 years or even until 99 years old to match the coverage you need.

No Capital Loss

No Cash Value means there is no loss of capital should you decide to cancel at anytime.

All Stages of CI

Early to Advance Critical Illnesses able to cover at a low cost. Choose to include CI waiver premiums too.

Fully Customisable

Only pay for when you want to be protected. No charges when you to stop the plan.

Our Trusted Term Life Insurers

Singlife with Aviva
Tokio Marine
china taiping
China Life Insurance Singapore
hsbc life
Etiqa Insurance

and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

To further customise and enhance your take and preference to make sure the coverage fits EXACTLY your concerns, here are the Supplementary/Rider Options:

  • Early Stage Critical Illness 
  • Advance Stage Critical Illness
  • Mutliple Payouts Critical Illness
  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD)
  • Disability Income Payout
  • Premium Waiver

Term insurance comes with a few features such as a guaranteed renewability, insurability and convertibility options. Find out below. 

No, Term Insurances do not have cash value/surrender values. However certain Term Insurances do pay you the total premiums/sum assured back should you reach the stipulated age required.

Depending on the term period that you are being covered, for example 5/10 years, this option allows you to renew your coverage upon the due year for another 5/10 years without having to go through medical check-ups and underwriting. Premiums will be subjected to your new entry age. This is suitable for people who wants shorter and lower cost coverage up front and decide in the years to come whether they want to extend the coverage or not.

Certain Insurers have this feature to allow you to convert the term coverage into a Whole Life or Savings/Endowment plan with Cash Value, providing further versatility should you change your mind or concerns in the upcoming years.

Similar but different from the Guaranteed Renewability Option, Guaranteed Insurability Option (GIO) means you will be able to get additional coverage at regular intervals or life events without providing any proof of health eligibility. These are usually up to a certain amount of Sum Assured. They are:

  • Change in Marital Status
  • Purchase of New Property
  • New addition to family
  • Upon Graduating

Term Insurance Coverage are flexible and versatile. They can fit into your needs for the length of coverage that you are looking at. The coverage term can range from a year to when you reach the age of 99.

When it comes to life insurance, there are two types of coverage. They are are whole life insurance and term life insurance. So, you may be wondering, if they serve the same purpose, what are some key differences between the two? Which one should you get? Read more here: Term Life Insurance vs Whole Life Insurance: Which One Should You Get?

Don’t worry! Most people get themselves covered until the age range of 65 to 70. This is set in lieu of retirement and most financial liabilities like mortgage loans or even commitments to dependants have now been fulfilled.

It ranges from 5 to 10, and 11 to 99 years old, flexible with any number of years. Mode of premiums are monthly, quarterly, half-annually and annually. 

Participating whole life insurance refers to the plan is being invested in Insurers’ participating fund. By doing so, Insurers share the profit of the returns of the investment also known as bonus, paid yearly, via the smoothing process:

Smoothing policy: Insurers generally try to avoid large fluctuations in the non-guaranteed bonuses from year to year by smoothing bonuses over time. For example, insurers may hold back some bonuses in the years when the fund has performed well. This is so that bonuses can be maintained when the fund performs poorly. (

Once the bonus is declared, they are guaranteed and accumulated throughout the whole term. In a Whole Life Insurance, it can be accumulated for life, or age 99 which are some Insurers’ definition of whole life is.

To differentiate between participating and non-participating policies, have a look at the Policy Illustration and you will see under the Surrender Value (Cash Value upon surrendering) table, there is a Guaranteed and Non-Guaranteed portion, with 2 standard projections of 3.25% and 4. 75%. As insurers cannot guarantee market trends, as well as past performances are not an indicator of future outcomes, the closest thing is to show accurate reasonable projections like the 2 projections stated above.  

Term Insurance on the other hand, is one common Non-Participating policy that has a definite payout amount under the specific coverage (Death, Early Stage CI, MultiPay CI etc) and does not participate in the profit of the participating fund and underlying assets.


Unbias Advisory

As getting protection coverages are a lifelong commitment, providing unbiased advisory is our main objective to make sure you are getting the best coverage available, not losing out on insurer’s stability & soundly advised.

Be educated on your needs & concerns

Since 2015 till date,  we have helped more than 30, 000 individuals make informed financial protection decisions including critical illness, life coverage, savings, retirement, healthcare coverage and investment.

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Get $1, 000, 000 Death & Permanent Disability from just $2/ day*

Be Protected For $300, 000 Early Stage CI from $4/ day!

* Get 40% Discount For LIFE​

* premium is based on age 30 male non smoker

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