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MyProtector-Decreasing Term Plan Review

Aviva MyProtector-Decreasing Term Plan Review

The Aviva MyProtector –  Decreasing is a Mortgage Reducing Term Insurance that is part of Aviva’s MyProtector Series of Term Insurance plans. The main purpose for this decreasing term insurance is for mortgage coverage protection

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Review - Aviva MyRetirementChoice II

Review – Aviva MyRetirementChoice II

Replacing the original MyRetirementChoice which had been withdrawn on the 26th August 2020, the MyRetirementChoice II is a flexible endowment retirement plan. It comes with limited premium terms and is highly flexible, able to retire

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Aviva MyMaternityPlan Maternity Insurance

REVIEW – Aviva MyMaternityPlan Maternity Insurance

Unlike many bundled Maternity plans, Aviva’s MyMaternityPlan is neither a stand-alone one nor a bundled one. Each insurer’s maternity plan has a special feature and aside from congenital illnesses and pregnancy complications, Aviva’s Maternity plan

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