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Cancer Plan review: Etiqa Cancer Insurance

Cancer Plan review: Etiqa Cancer Insurance

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Great advancement of cancer treatments has increased the survival rate, but living with cancer and having prolonged treatments can be financially detrimental. Having proper and adequate protection planning is very crucial, as it allows you a piece of mind in trying situations such as this.

Features At a Glance For Etiqa Cancer Insurance

Yearly Discounts

In the event that there are no claims made, get 6% of no-claim discounts of the total premiums paid for the previous year of the policy term, and will be given during policy renewal.

Guaranteed Renewal

As this is a yearly renewable plan, it will automatically renew the policy at every year with the same sum assured, without any further underwriting process. The coverage is able to renew and cover to 85 years old maximum.

Cancer Cover Options

Choose from sun assured of S$50,000, S$100,000 or S$200,000 according to what your protection concerns.

Competitive Plan & Premium

Being one of the more competitive Cancer Plan in the market, the premiums can go very competitive.

Death Benefit

In the event of death, there will be a lump sum benefit of $5000, and the plan will end after the payout.

Etiqa Cancer Insurance is Suitable if You:

  • Have pre-existing conditions other than Cancer
  • Prefers a comprehensive and good-for-value cancer coverage
  • Prefers the payout to be 100% of sum assured for all stages of cancer
  • Prefers simplified and hassle free application
  • Prefers flexibility in the coverage (the plan is yearly renewable)

It would however be less suitable if you:

  • More comprehensive coverage aside Cancer (i.e. other critical illnesses)
  • Prefer cash value in the plan
  • Prefer to have multiple payout instead of single payout
  • Prefer to have disability coverage
  • Prefer to have a high death benefit

Conclusion for Etiqa Cancer Insurance Review

This plan is a comprehensive plan that can covers only for Cancer extensively. There are many Cancer protection plans in the market that is suitable for every needs and concerns. Having to work with financial planners with experience in this field that has access to multiple insurers not only can provide you with an objective point of view, but also to have recommendations that is customised according to your needs.

Get in contact with us today to have a quick assessment on your portfolio! Drop us an inquiry below and our friendly professional licensed FA advisor will be getting in touch with you shortly upon your request.

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